Workshop: Good Start Bad Start

On the first day of the project as a year we took part in Adam’s workshop: Good Start, Bad Start. For the workshop we started off by writing down things that made us, happy, angry, laugh, excited and intellectually stimulated. We then completed the same task again though with different prompts, such as what do we find innovative, interesting, what hasn’t been discovered and what worldly issues are we passionate about. Listing all these down we then shared all our thoughts and selected some to visually explore and expand the topics further.

Photos of the whole group’s work.


Points of Interest

The key points of interest for me from the exercise:

  • Origami
  • Brain Power
  • Mind Control
  • Psychology
  • VR
  • Space


  • Select a couple of the points of interest to explore further, by creating brainstorms and visual mind-maps etc. I think some of the points could be linked such as brain power and mind control and even psychology, so I could incorporate these together.