Today I analysed the topic origami trying to pin point what exactly interests me about it. To help push my project forward, to start making me more motivated and excited, as explained within my previous quote.


From my analysis the idea of transformation appeared, as I was very interested in the process of creating the origami and how it transformed form a 2D unrecognisable crease pattern to a 3D animal figure. So I was interested in how there was a great difference from the starting material to the final product and this is what I wanted to explore into more depth.


DEFINITION – Transformation

I looked into the definition of transformation to help determine exactly the meaning behind the word, as well as broadening out my understanding of the word, by bring up other meanings that I may not necessarily think of and so helping me explore other routes to take the world.




Synonym Trees

I also looked into the synonyms of the word, to quickly branch out my ideas and find multiple avenues I could take the project. All helping me to expand my thinking.


Related Synonym Trees


Key Words

I then wrote down some of the key words from my research into synonyms.




Definitions of Key Words

Using the the synonyms that were of most interest to me, I researched into the definition of those words to ensure I was clear what they meant and to help me to narrow down which ones I was intrigued in looking into.

Selected words
  • Transmogrify
  • Metamorphosis


Both of these words described the process I liked from the origami best, as they involved a change in shape/ form through a process and not just any sort of change which is too vague. Therefore this was the reason I chose to research further into these words.