SWOT Analysis

Tomorrow I will be meeting with Andy in a one to one tutorial to discuss my work so far. On slack Andy asked for a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis, to bring to the meeting. I completed this analysis below.



I actually found this useful in making me realise how difficult this would be to produce a game on my own for next semester. As it was tricky enough simply creating the level designs last year, let alone having to take on every role.

I realise I am not a programmer and that could be a great down fall when creating a game, as I could waste all my time trying to work out how to make the game function properly, rather than testing or designing the game.

Therefore the game may not be up the highest standard that would be expected within a third year project, as this a major concern for me. However I plan to discuss this with Andy and see if he has any advice to help me solve this issue for the future.