Sound of Therapy

Today I panicked. I had planned to research more the visualisation of music through colours and shapes by finding artists and relating imagery, however when I thought about it I wasn’t truly excited by it and I didn’t want my project to progress in that way. Due to be being more excited by the connection of colour, emotions and the brain rather than the visualisation of music.

Unsure what to do I looked back over what I had done in the project and thought I would turn my research back towards the idea of therapy, as colour therapy was my initial research point that I selected and so by doing this I thought it would get me more excited about the project again.


Sound Therapy

Still using Adam’s card research technique the theme was still music and so I researched into the music of therapy, finding instruments and songs, shown below.






Tibetan Singing Bowls


Tuning Forks



Crystal Tuning Forks


Brain Tuning Folks











Otto Tuning Folks


  • Interesting weapons or mechanics within a game.
  • Characters ability – Alter brain waves through tuning forks
  • Very relaxing game – Use these songs within the game – Calm the user


Looking back over this research I think I went a bit off track, as though I realise my initial research point was colour therapy, I had already moved away from it focusing more on colour, emotion and the brain, as I felt colour therapy to be a very specific area to research into and I didn’t feel I would gain a brand range of information from. Meaning my research would lack development and exploration and so too would my game ideas. Therefore it probably wasn’t the best decision to go back to looking at therapy as this information isn’t greatly useful or relevant to where I currently am. And so I feel I have wasted a day of valuable research time which could have been spent more wisely.

To stop this from occurring again in the future, I plan to try to think more carefully about where my project is progressing and how it has changed so I know what to focus my research on before I make work plans. I will do this by reflecting on my work more, even if through bullet points, as well as frequently looking back over my work to solidify in my mind what my project is currently about.



  • Reflect on the research into the music of colour/ emotions/ brain and decide what my next steps are.