Solar Rooms


Within my previous post I discovered solarium rooms, rooms created by Egyptians where people were healed through coloured light.

I was most interested in the imagery of these rooms and visual language around them, as I felt they may make unique settings for stories for a game, so decided to research into them further.

Having done some searching I couldn’t find any scientific evidence to back up the existence of these rooms, nor imagery. However this then makes the rooms more of a fictional setting which isn’t necessary a bad thing as it just lets me form my own design for them.

Not being able to find any imagery of the rooms, I decided to form my own photomontage as my own interruption of what the rooms could look like. So below are my ideas of what these healing rooms would appear and feel like.



  • Sunlight Shafts
  • Spot of light – natural light
  • God’s have a connection to the light – Shone throw them? – Spiritual


Massage Healing

When trying to search into information on solarium rooms, I discovered a website about the Ancient Egyptian Energy Healing Colour Massage. Though the website was badly designed and I’m unsure the information was even correct, I was just drawn to the title of the page, as it made me question what this massage was and how it was done. It was said to be completed within the solarium room and had a strong connection with colour. Wanting to learn more about the massage I tried to find a video of it, when searching I discovered another massage around cleansing auras with colour crystal wands. Initially I thought this as going to be a boring video where the woman waved her crystals around. Though it was partly this, there was also some great quotes and concepts that could inspire imagery. Particular examples included the cleansing of her crystal wand by throwing it into her pretend bucket or the moving of the energies using the wand.

Similar to the Chakra research, I wasn’t interested in whether it worked or not. more the movements of the woman and her explanations for these movements. I felt those in themselves could craft a whole narrative or visual language around massaging and auras, which could be interesting topic to delve deeper into.


Egyptian Energy Healing colour Massage Website


Cleansing Aura with Crystal Wand


Video Notes

Refer to sketchbook 1




I feel a lot of imagery could come out of this video and brung up multiple questions that I could explore further.

  • What does someone’s aura look like?
  • How many layers are there? What do the layers represent?
  • Transmuting FIRE
  • Energy moving around the body
  • Does the swinging crystal device talk to the energy or the body? How can you tell the energy is ok?
  • Invisible power of the crystals