SNP: Reflection and Thoughts

Looking back over the research for my second starting point, I’m proud of myself that I didn’t give up when I was feeling very lost and demotivated half way through, due to the origami research not unveiling anything new that I hadn’t learnt before. I feel I managed to successful solve this issue of being uninspired and push the project on, by writing down my thoughts and reflecting on what was wrong and how I could solve this. Useful in helping me to form a plan of action and then expand out my research from origami again and take the project in a direction that I had more of interest in.

Identifying that reflecting on a problem is a successful way to solve it, I plan to continue this process on throughout the rest of my project to ensure my project can keep progressing even through difficulties.



With the end of phase 1 closing in, I need to gain 2 more research points to present. Having this in mind, I will stop looking into DNA and focus on another starting point to form research points from.