Reflection/ Where to Go Now?

With it being over half way through the first idea generation week, I’ve been getting worried that all I’ve been doing recently is researching and haven’t actually formed any game ideas, making me unsurprisingly stressed that I’m falling behind.

To solve this issue and ensure I don’t run out of time to produce well considered game ideas, I have now decided to stop researching for the time being and focus on forming ideas. This way I will start writing down ideas, so I can begin exploring how I could create a de-stressing game, to progress my project.

To start forming ideas I plan to use Andy’s mechanic and concept combining methodology. A mechanic and a research concept are put together and I must visualise ideas combining the two aspects through drawings, to clearly get across my ideas.

Currently I have no mechanics, so I plan to select some of the key points I learnt that caused stress and how affects us, from both my research and my questioning of people. After the selection, I will mind map possible mechanics which relate to the key areas, which could be used within Andy’s idea generation methodology. I plan to also do the same for the de-stressing research as well.