Reflection: Formative Feedback

Reflecting back over my formative feedback session with Adam, I found the tutorial to be very useful in giving me a direction to take the project, by researching into cooperative play more heavily. As before the session I was feeling particularity lost about how to progress my project on further, due to me feeling I had fully explored stress and developed my ideas as far as I possibly could. Therefore I felt stuck as to how to refine the ideas further, but Adam’s input gave me new found motivation.

I found talking to Adam opened my eyes to a different way of developing and thinking about my project, seeing cooperative play as more of a focus now rather than stress. Which I found useful as it helped me to see the project in a new light, getting me out of a very closed minded feeling that stress was the main aspect, when actually there are a few major features to consider.

Also I found discussion made me feel better about creating prototypes, as I was feeling that I needed to make something with high complexity, particularly after playing Aaron’s prototypes. Though Adam reassured me this wasn’t the cause and even making simple attempts would show I have explored my idea in a different way and tried to test out the mechanics. I have now planned to produce about 3 prototypes over the next week, to show how my concepts would work in game.

Reflecting upon the feedback it has made me realise how useful it is to talk about my project and gain a different perspective on it. So in the future I plan to ensure I continue to talk to different people about my project, as this will help me gain new insights and new areas to look into, to help with the development of my project.