Questioning and Developing Ideas

After my research and analysis of both serious and entertaining games, I came to the conclusion of wanting to create an entertainment game (as started within my previous post).

Described within my updated project proposal document (version 3) I wanted to cause players to feel stress, and so use stress and all my colour mapping research to help inform the design of a game. This then brought me back to one of my initial ideas (explained within this post), where players control the healing of others, in a fast paced stressful environment.

I decided I wanted to develop this concept but particularly the healing mechanic, as I felt it used a lot of my research to inform the concept to ensure the players felt stress when playing already. Meaning I didn’t need to rethink up mechanics that caused stress, which would take more time.

Also I thought the use of a healing mechanic was innovative, as most games are about attacking an enemy, whereas this game flips that on its head, to create an experience that is all about preserving life.


To help me develop my ideas, I started questioning aspects of the game, to help me think of how features or mechanics would work. I plan to then use these questions to think about the mechanics in new ways and branch out and refine my ideas of how a game could work.

Scans of the questions I created.



Key Points

I decided to identify and list down what the key or most exciting aspects of the initial healing idea were. So I knew what I needed to focus my development, to ensure the my game ideas build upon these aspects to enhance the game-play and stress elements of the game.

Below is the mind map of the key features.





  • Using the questions as starting points, use a restrictive technique forcing on one question at a time to form answers for that question, in the form of mind maps or game ideas. Helping to expand my ideas out.
  • Using the key features I have identified, create paper prototypes or form ideas of how I could use the feature in a different way, (there may be crossovers with the use of questions too)