Physical Prototype Testing


Testing plan


I planned out the test within my sketchbook, the scans below are from that book.



Set Up Photos

Photo of the room set up with coloured paper being used as stations people need to run to.




Photo of all the equipment I used, coloured paper, player name badges and an altered Twister spinner to gain a random colour for players to run to.



Video of play through

Video of the initial play through of the game


Videos of Feedback

Video of the first parts of feedback from the game


Overall Feedback and THOUGHTS

  • Making colours – Only have primary colours and the players have to connect them with themselves
  • Colours are hard due to the light reflection on them – Difficult to know what colour is which – Idea of buzzers are better
  • Buzzer – excitement and reward of smacking it down and easier to see if they riht colour was hit in the time limit
  • More than one colour in the room
  • Colours have pullies – Making it easier for one person to connect the colours if they are far away
  • Enjoyable and fun
  • Would play again