Phase 2

Having narrowed down my research areas at the end of the last phase to colour/ colour therapy. I then expanded out from this area, to gain in-depth research into the topic which I narrowed down into a research proposal, outlining a specific area in colour that I wanted to focus the project into.




Colour: Sounds

  1. Phase 2: Colour and Sound Research
  2. Feedback: Neil Harbisson
  3. Colour/ Emotion Playlist
  4. Sound of Therapy
  5. Colour and Sound: Reflection

Colour: Shapes

  1. Mapping Colours and Emotions
  2. Visualising Emotions
  3. 3D Colour
  4. Colours and Shapes Imagery
  5. Colour and Shapes: Reflection

Colour: Locations

  1. Locations – Dimensions
  2. Emotional Locations
  3. Colourful Locations
  4. Colour and Locations: Discussion

Colour: 3D Mapping

  1. 3D Colour Mapping


  1. Colour Characters
  2. Colour Gradients
  3. Emotional Heat Map

Colour: Technology

  1. Colour Technology and Controls


Project Direction

  1. Discussion
  2. Figuring Out the Project
  3. Research Document – Version 1



  1. Research Point – Presentation
  2. Adam’s Feedback