Origami Photomontage

Having explored the theme origami from more of a text stand point, I decided to research from a visual perspective to help me broaden my research and find possible visuall exciting pieces of inspiration.


Images I collected from Flickr, using Origami as the search tag.








Tags/ Words Brought up

  • Paper Craft
  • Quilling



Admittedly as I’m greatly interested in Origami the images I found didn’t bring anything new to excite me, as I had seen similar imagery before and so I wasn’t captivated by what I had found. Therefore I don’t believe this research was particularly useful in expanding my understanding of origami, as it brought nothing new to my attention. Causing me to feel uninspired by what I was looking at and the topic in general. Which has taught me to not research into an area I am already familiar with as it will be difficult to discover new information that is of interest.

However saying this I did plan to research the meanings behind origami creatures, outline within my initial post. Therefore to solve my unmotivated and uninspired feelings I will look into this area, as it is not something I have researched before. Which I believe will help to teach me something new and spark motivation in me.