Nebula: Reflection and Thoughts

Reflection on my Nebula research.

I feel I have successfully expanded out from my initial starting point with Nebula differing from dreams, showing I have branched out and explored the topic widely. However I also realise that I haven’t managed to explore into the topic of Nebulas in as great detail compared with the other starting points, where I would normally have another stage of research on top of what I have done. Which would show that I have extensively explored all areas to form a final research point. Though due to time limitations I was not able to do this as I wouldn’t have time to form a forth research point if I had used all my remaining time to bulk up this one and I required 4 points for the presentation on friday. So to solve this I would have planned out my time better by ensuring I have enough time set aside for each research point.

However though this poor time management was partly due to poor planning, it was also due to being told the wrong information by Adam that we had 3 weeks for the first phase when actually it was 2. Therefore my initial plan had to be altered and I had to greatly limit the time allocated to forming the final research points. If I had known the correct information at the start of the project, I would have only planed for 2 weeks and split my time equally between the 4 research areas, though with this not being the case I couldn’t do that.

So to avoid this in the future I will make sure I personally check the timetable for the time limit I have for each phase, rather than going off of the information someone tells me. Therefore I will ensure that I can plan knowing I have the correct date for phase deadlines and so I won’t come up with this issue of mis-planning again.

Looking back over the research into Nebulae and dreams, I feel I should have responded to the work like I had did within my previous research areas, by forming artwork to capture the energy or the colours of Nebulae, utilising what was of keen interest to me. As I believe this would have been beneficial to make me look at the topic in a different perspective and validate my design choices.

So in future projects I need to ensure I respond more visually to work.




  • I don’t currently feel I have enough time to start researching into a whole new starting point due to the pressures of the presentation looming over me. Therefore I have decided to research into an area that came out of my research into dreams, which is dream catchers. I chose this because I felt it encompassed a large enough topic so has lots of scope to branch my research out from. Therefore ensuring I don’t becoming stuck when I have limited researching time.
  • Also I feel by going back to previous research to branch out again, shows I am utilising an agile methodology that I had planned to do within a past reflection. Therefore I can identify if this is a useful thing to do and if it does indeed benefit me.