Mindmap and Visual Mindmaps


Reflection – Research So Far

Looking over my research so far, I felt that I had made a good start by finding a topic that was of great interest to me and exploring out from it finding other interesting technologies that utilise brainpower.

However I also felt that I had restricted myself too early on in the researching phase, as I was only looking at the brain from a mind control aspect and the technology around that. Therefore I hadn’t branched out from the initial starting point, so I hadn’t identified a range of different areas to explore around the brain. Causing my research area to be limited which could be restrictive when creating ideas later on.

So I felt expanding my research points would help to find more creative and innovative areas to explore and connect the brain to. To do this I decided to produce a mind-map with the brain being the central topic and then branch out ideas and key words from this, to spark possible areas to explore.


Mind- Map


From the mind-map I found it was useful as it helped me breakdown the topic into smaller connecting one, which broadened out my idea of what the topic of brain could be, successfully making me think more creatively about the subject matter. The mind- map brought up many ideas, though the ones I found to be of greatest interest included:

  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy
  • Pulses
  • Identity
  • Brain Scanning/ Mapping
  • Mind Palace
  • Sign Language
  • Hacking
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Imagination
  • Mind Games


Visual Mind-Maps

Using some of these key words I then searched Pinterest, Flickr and Instagram to gain visual representations of these subjects and expand my ideas further.



Key Pins





Got the tag ‘Holi‘ – Which brought me to the festival of colour

Colour brings us together and makes us happy.  – Colour and emotions/ psychology





Unfortunately Instagram didn’t prove to be as useful as I had hoped due to many brain or mind relate posts being blocked due to content being deemed inappropriate, however I still found posts I found inspirational. I particularly liked the connection of the colours with the eyebrow expressions, because it brought about the idea of colour and emotions and how they could be connected, which is something to look into.


Sketchbook Notes

While collecting the images I took notes on them, key words or tags that came from the images, as well as other thoughts that came from the visuals, whether that be connecting of themes or spontaneous ideas.


Refer to Sketchbook 1

Scans from sketchbook 1

Key Areas

Listed down key areas that I wanted to look further into and my plan for this.