Week 6

After the mess and drama of last week with some of us in the group feeling particularly lost in how to code and not even knowing the basics. We have now moved onto doing our own separate projects so everyone can work at their own pace and focus on what they need to learn.



Having a love for rhythm games and the desire to create one for many years, I decided this would be my focus for this project.

By the end of the university year my aim is to create a game that I have coded solely myself and understand exactly how and why it works.

Feeling like I am a beginner at coding I thought it would be a good idea to code an existing game, as I wouldn’t have to work out how the game mechanics work because I already know how they do. Therefore I decided to remake the rhythm game Tap Tap Revenge as I know it very well.



To start off the project I created the sudo code for the initial mechanics in game, so I knew what I had to include in the code.

Scans of my sudo code planning.