Initial Research – Brain and Mind Power


From discovering MyndPlay technology and how brainwaves can be used to control outcomes, I planned to research more into the technology and specially what else it has been used for, to expand out my research. Below are a set of videos I discovered which explored this further.



Paralyzed man moved his arm with his own brain power. The man appears to be focusing and the brainwaves are sent through the device on his head to the his arm in pulses.

I find it fascinating how the arm isn’t just jerking around from the pulses but is actually moving normally. How does this work?

  • How? Just how?
  • Are we robots?
  • Can the brain fit all our problems?
  • Would the therapy cure paralytics in the long run? – Further research
  • Is this the step to controlling other people’s bodies’?
  • Magic
  • The impossible
  • Brain communication


Discovering the extraordinary medical breakthrough from the previous video I moved onto finding other medical amazement, which included this video of a man who is now living without a pulse. The man’s heart was removed and has been replaced with 2 pumps, though instead of forming a pulse, they simply keep the flow of blood constantly moving around the body.

  • Is he technically a zombie?
  • Will this be the start of immortality?
  • Dead man lives
  • Is this ethical? – Could this be taken too far?


A TED Talk by Lara Boyd how explains some of the misconceptions we have about the brain, how the brain changes and how we learn.

  • Brain changes even after childhood
  • Brain is always active even when not doing anything
  • MRI scans
  • Neuroplasticity – All experiences change the brain
  • 3 different changes – Chemical, Structural and Functional
  • Chemical – Increase action and reaction – short term memory
  • Structural – Physically change connections of neurons – Long term memory
  • Functionally – Blind people and brial – Larger hand sensors – Taxi cap drivers have more more spacial and mapping memories
  • All 3 changes support learning
  • Brain damage – Stroke = very difficult to cure
  • Therapies are there to prepare brain to learn rather than cure it
  • Behaviour = primary driver for change. The more you struggle the more you learn
  • Brain can change positively or negatively.
  • Personal therapies and personal learning
  • Brain is constantly shaped by the world around you.


A video that explains a range of different ways scientists have utilised brain power to move objects and help disabled patients.

Thoughts/ Notes
  • BCI – Brain Control Interfaces – Connect brain to computer
  • Help with cerebral palsy – Walk, talk and drive cars – China made prototype for mind controlled car – EEG – Electroenephalogram (16 sensors)
  • Disabilities
  • Measure signals brainwaves give off – Can’t read all thoughts but get general idea of a command
  • Algorithm filters white noise from wave commands
  • International Conference of the IEEE (engineering in medicine and biology department) – Translate intention 98% correct – Can take months of training
  • Mind controlled exo-skeletons – Help walk again
  • Toy Market – Star Wars Force Trainer -Ball only go up a tube if concentrating
  • Control a drone through an obstacle course by the power of the mind



A video created by Ayush Jain, who is demonstrating a brainwave device that can turn a light bulb on and off by the power of his brain.


  • Can brainpower be the energy of the future? – The new renewable energy?
  • The brain is a battery



Overall I’m feeling fascinated by the technology I have found due to it seeming so unreal and sci-fi like, that it just amazes me how this is all possible, simply from thinking about it. I definitely want to explore the brain in more detail and find more information that shocks and excites. As I feel this will help me to create a project that is innovative and will wow others.