Samantha Kingston


Notes from Sammy’s talk


Virtual Umbrella – Southampton

Samantha Kingston @K_Samantha1

Women in VR End dreams – Games Company

Development kits of VR

Learnt from coders and artists etc

Used unity then changed to Unreal


VR meet up in Brighton

  • Go to all the VR events
  • Start up company
  • ⁃ Marketing for VR
  • ⁃ Samsung, playstation, Nokia,


  • Team of 4 PSVR
  • – leading VR kit Social VR = will be.HUGE!!!
  • BAFTA and UKIE – Research for VR jobs or around VR VR job hubs
  • VR World congress – Bristol, April
  • Email or bug her about getting free tickets VR girls Uk
  • Immerse Uk – backed by Government – look for jobs – innovate UK Building Company ⁃ may be able to get funding for VR from the government ⁃ University funding start up – ask?
  • Don’t do it unless you live the industry and have a passion for it
  • ⁃ multiplayer
  • ⁃ Facebook
  • – social VR
  • ⁃ FaceTime but to the next step
  • ⁃ Experiencing the same thing together
  • – in different players
  • ⁃ How can we make things better but we don’t rely on it
  • NHS
  • ⁃ lower stress levels
  • ⁃ Better way to do surgery
  • ⁃ Medical Reality Jobs
  • – jobs hub
  • – Look at directors and film makers make their films Joe Radak
  • – follow London. Surrey, Newcastle
  • – VR company Vertigo Company
  • – VR Company Coatsink
  • – VR Company End dreams
  • -VR Company Next VR
  • – STORYTELLING Visualise
  • – Production house
  • – STORYTELLING content
  • – CEO Best person to talk to about storytelling Medium
  • – storytelling blogs on there



VR has been an interest of mine and something that has been floating round in the back of my head for quite a way, questioning whether this is an area I would like to go into. Hearing Samantha’s talk I found it reassuring that she had no experience of VR before joining a games company and managed to learn all her skills and all the information needed to for VR experiences from her work as a social media adviser.

Which I found comforting in the fact that I don’t need all the skills right now and I don’t need all the knowledge, this isn’t something all companies expect. Giving me hope that I have a chance in the industry, as currently I am still feeling pretty out of my depth and that I don’t have enough skills to warrant getting a job.

So the talk was useful in making me feel more confident about myself, my work and my prospects.

Though also it did make me feel that VR may be for me, due to the sheer range of possibilities with it. Along with the feeling of being able to be the first to do certain things with it, which is exciting and challenging. However I feel I would want to do more games related experiences than marketing like Samantha does. Simply because I feel that they have such potential within the gaming field and play is what interests me more than marketing or advertising anything.