Seth Giddings




Videos of work he showed us in the talk.


Catch Me Now
  • Simple Mechanics
  • Emergent mechanics and gamplay

Tine Bech 

Light Bug
What did I learn?
  • Simple mechanics and ideas are effective
  • Play testing is very important to help develop ideas – Particularly use the target audience you’re aiming at – Things they say they want will be different from how they physically use the object, so always get users to play through the idea and not just discuss it with them.


Listening to Seth’s talk I actually found it surprisingly useful, as it made me think about games and play in a different way, by thinking about games being physical and not just digital or screen based.

His ‘Swing’ project used an already existing playground toy and made it more interactive, by adding lights to it which would move up and down depending on the speed and movement of the swing. Also sounds would play to reward the user once the lights got to the top.

The project combined digital and physical aspects to create an interactive and playful design and he didn’t have to use a screen to do this.

This was useful to me in making me think about the ideas I have had for my current project; with all of them being digital and restricted to the realms of ‘normal’ video games. So the talk helped me to realise that my game ideas don’t just need to be screen based because it is the norm, I can choose to expand out into the interactive design realm and create something far more innovative. Therefore I plan to create some ideas revolving around the combination of physical and digital play, to help me expand out my idea and my thinking.