Today as a course we all went on field trip to Sennep studios. Below are my notes from the talk we had at Sennep.




I certainly had a fun day today and thought it was great that Sennep allowed us to come visit them.

Travelling to the studio we got a little lost on the tube but we all made it in once piece and the trip was certainly worth it, if even just for the studio pug!

We got a talk from one of the members at Sennep who presented they’re work and what they’d be up to and what their company is about. Though most of the work that was discussed I had already heard about due to them doing a talk back in Insights on first year, but I still it to be fascinating and insightful in terms of issues they had and how they over came them.

Also it was useful to see what a studio was like and helped to calm my nerves of working in one by seeing how relaxed and friendly it was. Therefore making me feel more confident when applying for work that I now have a better idea of what the atmosphere could be like.