Mark Applin

Today was the start of the industry talk sessions as the first guest was Mark Applin.


Notes from the talk





I wasn’t too sure what to expect in the lecture, I suppose I thought it would be more of a talk about money in the games industry and how much money is spent on certain areas and how to budget. Though Mark spoke more about forming a business and outlined how a business runs rather than the financial side. Which was informative though forming a business isn’t an interest of mine, I didn’t find the talk too relevant, however it did confirm my thoughts that running a business is not for me.

Although overall the talk did make me think more about the business side of a games company and made me release that I don’t particularly know how to market a game or know if a game concept would be profitable. I think this information would be very useful as a games designer, because there is no point forming game ideas when they won’t sell and with money being everything these day I can’t afford to do that. Therefore I believe a lecture on the marketing of games would be ideal as well as a lecture on spotting trends in the industry, will help us pin point what is and isn’t popular to know where to focus our ideas.