Highlighting Key Ideas

Having finished expanding out my initial idea, by exploring different ways the mechanics could work, different goals for the game and how the game could work if it was of a different type, eg board game, I am now at a stage to start narrowing it all done.

Like within the Double Diamond design methodology, I have expanded out my ideas from my initial game idea, and now I needed to refine down all these ideas to just 3 to then focus my attention on and develop.


Highlighting key Areas

Below are scans of key points I was interested in within my ideation.


From this process it helped me to identify 2 other game ideas that I can develop, along with the development of my initial idea, to form the 3 ideas I can present next week.


PVP Game Idea

  • Multiplayer game with 2 separate teams of 2.
  • The teams are battling against each other.
  • There are coloured objects in the world, that relate to the health of each player.
  • Each team is trying to suck out the colour from their rivals health objects to defeat them
  • Though each team still has to defend their health blocks
  • Players can only heal/ put health back into their team mates colour and not their own – Making them in control of the life of death of their character.


Physical Game idea

From Seth’s talk about interactive physical games, it helped me to look at my project in a different way, looking into how my idea could be made into a physical game. I decided to select my physical game idea, as I felt it explored my initial concept in a unusual way and took the project in a new direction.

Explanation of the Physical game
  • Colours on the floor – sensors for each colour
  • Lights in front of the coloured floor, which relates to the health of each player
  • Health will randomly change colour and lower – There is a time limit to heal the player
  • Players must run to the colour of the lowering health and stand their for a certain amount of time until the health goes back up
  • Players will have sensors on their feet and so they can’t stand on their colour otherwise their health will reduce even greater.
  • Once the health lights go out then that player is out.






  • Form game ideas from all this information
  • Why is it a boss battle? – What else could it be – Find imagery or look at research to help me
  • Stress and colour



Currently I am feeling very lost about where to take the project and I am unsure why exactly. I felt like I was on top of my work and had formed some great ideas and have starting ideas to develop from. However I feel that my initial healing idea (from the start of phase 3) is still playing on my mind, as I prefer the initial idea to all the others. But I’m torn as to whether to take this idea forward again, as I feel it will show I haven’t developed my project at all, when this definitely isn’t the case. What do I do?

Within the initial idea, I think I’m feeling very stuck with the concept of a boss battle, as I can’t seem to remove myself from it and I’m beginning to feel very confined by it and that I haven’t looked into anything else, which isn’t true. To solve this I tried drawing the initial idea of the survival, boss battle, healing game and adding in the developed mechanics and goals, however I still felt very lost as I felt my idea hadn’t developed very much.

To help with this lost feeling, I plan to talk to Bobbie about my ideas, as I feel talking through my project may help me better understand that my ideas have developed and I have explored different options. As I can’t seem to see this right now and it’s making me feel lost and stressed.