Get In The Game



Notes from the talk

Grads In Games Link
  • Aardvark Swift
  • Signed up for contact list – Free service – legal to charge
  • Help get us contacts – Contacts we may not know about
  • Increase employ ability

Grad in game – Initiative

Search 4 star – Competition

Aardvark – Company name



Martin – Future Labs



  • EA
  • Rockstar

Illustrator and Photoshop – Highly skilled

More versatile as an artist – Smaller teams

Specialised – 2D, UI,

  • Have tests when going into big companies – Show your skills before you get a job

Match your style to a specific studio – Show in portfolio


CV Stucture

  • Portfolio Link
  • Intro/ profile – Cover letter
  • Skill Section – Table format – Make Visual
  • Education – Show key modules or results – Focus on uni – Predicted games – synopsis of FMP –
  • Employment – Sell Games Experience
  • Hobbies and Interests – Games and other interests – Make it obvious you love games


Artist Portfolio

  • Style
  • Game ready
  • Work in Progress area
  • Make it memorable
Forums – Use them!
  • Polycount
  • Cgsociety

Getting yourself noticed

Videos – 30secs to 3 mins

  • Refresh Portfolio every 6 months


  • Flexibility = good for employ ability (location)
  • Know about the studio – What they have made
  • Know who is at the studio


  • EGX
  • Connect London
  • Develop Brighton


Social Media

  • LinkedIn


Outside your degree = Great!!


Tranzfuser – Launch Spring 2017
  • Pitch game idea and get funded


Gamer Camp – MA Course


Questions and Answers
  • Generally broader roles at Junior levels
  • Don’t worry about not working in games at the beginning – work towards it – Don’t let your skills get rusty


Martin – 3D Artist Talk

Future Labs – Brigton

  • Velocity 2 Game
  • Furbacca Game
  • Small team
  • 3 coders, 3 artists, 1 designer, 2 company owners/ managers
  • Nice and humble – studio are family atmospheres
  • larger company – you’ll need to specialise
  • Smaller company – broader skills – Can do environment, characters, ui etc – mixture
  • Do work in your spare time
  • Keep it simple to begin with – boxy and stylised objects for couple of months – then texture – simply block colours – more complex – put together and from a scene
  • Characters are the hardest thing to do – don’t do it first – or stylised
  • Asymmetry is good in characters
  • Modo – Up and coming 3D modelling programme

(check the email)


email company to get jobs –

can you get intouch for any future job opportunities

big and little sony

Ski – Sony (indie publisher) +




Today I found the talks really useful especially the speech from the 3D modeller, as he had real experience in the industry and spoke about this path to get into games. I found it comforting to know that he didn’t even start out in a games company but did basic 3D models for a medical company and learnt on the job, though he has still managed to progress into a gaming career. So there’s still hope for me!

The talk from the Grads in Game company was insightful and I learnt that there are resources out there to help get students into companies and it isn’t simply a case of struggling through this myself, if I need advice they can help. Which was reassuring and makes me feel more confident to start looking for jobs and being proactive.

Though I found the talk to concentrate too much on how to get a job in large triple A games company either as an artist or coder. Whereas our main skill is design and most of us will be indie designers, therefore not all the talk was as relevant as it could be, but still interesting to hear what AAA companies are like and their recruitment process.

I would definitely recommend this company coming in again and talking to all students, as I found it so useful and insightful into the recruitment side of the industry.