Generating Ideas

This post shows my sheets of idea generation using Andy’s methodology, of combining a mechanic and research area to produce game ideas through drawings, using the 2 areas as starting points.

I decided to use this methodology to generate ideas simply because it is a quick way of getting a wide range of ideas. Allowing me to explore different options fast and to progress the project on.


Idea Generation Sheets


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Idea so far

Below are sheets which explain my current idea.


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Main Points
  • Players work as a team – Multiple player
  • Heal each other with colours
  • The boss attacks them and whatever colour the bosses attack is the colour they turn
  • Match colour of healing to the player that needs to be healed.
  • Colours are randomly associated with players.
  • Series of boss levels


Basically the idea is to create stress within the players so they can then learn to deal with it in a controlled environment.

Though I initially thought that making someone stressed would mean they wouldn’t learn from it because they are too panicked, I have now realised that people also learn by doing and so by exposing them to stress and then getting them to control that, will hopefully helps them to prevent stress in the future.

Stress created by:

  • Individuals not having control over there health but letting their team mates control whether they live or die – No control is shown to be a key stress factor when I questioned people on the topic.
  • Only certain players can heal at once – Restricting when people can heal by the colour they are and the colour they have – Again brings up the idea of no control


How do players learn to deal with the stress:

  • Prospective Hindsight – The game is based around prospective hindsight, which is when people plan out all inevitable outcomes and how to solve them. Therefore people are never exposed to an event that is new or they feel they have no control over, because they have a plan for everything. This is what I wanted to capture in my idea, as the game is level based and so players will need to complete a level before progressing. After playing the level once the team can then reflect on their attempt and start to plan out all possible events that occur in the level to start to managing their stress and learn to stay calm under pressure, to ensure they succeed.



When discussing this game with Bobbie she pointed me to the game Furi, due to it boss level structure, with each part of the game being a

Inspired by :

  • Fixed platforms the player runs on
  • Single boss enemy – Clear focus
  • Animations of the bosses attacks – Multiple attacks at once and the attacks spread across a large range- Overwhelming-  – Continuously running and escaping

Furi has helped to develop the boss attacking mechanics in my game, as it has inspired me to have the boss constantly attacking the players, so there are multiple attacks to dodge at once. As well as inspired having the attacks spread out over a large distance and range. I decided to add both of these elements into my design because I feel they are effective at adding stress to it. This is done by causing the players to become overwhelmed by constantly having to run and dodge attacks as well as control everyone’s health. Therefore I believe it will be useful in making the experience difficult and so players will need to replay the level and can reflect and use prospective hindsight in order to control their stress, to play better.