GDD Site Planning

Having had my feedback with Adam the other day, he suggested I plan out how I want to GDD website to be structured, so I have a clear idea of what the design will be so I can focus on achieving that.

Within the design of the GDD I wanted to ensure that the design decisions for all aspects of my game were clearly visible, to show that every aspect of my game has been thoroughly thought over and there is research backing it up. I took this into great consideration when planning the layout of it.

Below are scans of the plans I made



Research Links

Within my design I wanted a way to have a side bar within my posts that showed the design decisions of the feature I had written about. So ideally I wanted a way to footnote my text with the design decisions for what was being described.

As I couldn’t find a theme on WordPress that did this I decided to research into it and discover if it was possible another way.


SideNote Plugin

A plugin that allows users to footnote the text in their post and a side bar appears within their post that gives information relating the to footnote which is on the screen at that time.

  • This plugin does exactly what I am after, however doesn’t support plugins and I would need to use, meaning I would have to create and host my own site, which I don’t feel I have the knowledge or time to do. Hosting Site
  • A site that hosts websites, there it is nearly $20 a month to do this which is expensive and I have no experience forming my own site from scratch.


Decision – How to Input Design Decisions



  • Create a new website on WordPress and creating the structure of the GDD.
  • Start refining and finalising the game-play/ mechanics of the game ready for putting on the GDD.