Scrum: GDD – Planning

The final phase is here and it is time to form the all important games design document.

GDD Outline

Using my document from last year as a template I formed a list of everything I needed to include in the document. I found this to be useful as it made it clear to me exactly what I needed to produce for the GDD and how I would structure it.

Honesty this was a rather terrifyingly long list and shocked me quite a lot. Though I think its better that this happened now rather than later on, as I know what I need to achieve and I won’t miss anything out.



Having made a list of the structure of the GDD, I then created a backlog of everything I needed to produce for it and any research or experimentation I needed to do, to ensure my work was ready for the GDD.

I did this a it is a key part of the SCRUUM methodology , therefore it was helping me to see what I had to achieve, so I could allocate time towards each task according and form weekly sprints from it.


Key Decisions

Having outlined everything that I need to do over the next month, I highlighted key decisions that I needed to make quickly as possible, as I need these to be answered before I can complete certain task. For example I can’t start designing the environment if I don’t know if it is 2D or 3D, as my design will not fix the style of the game.

I will plan to try to answer these questions as soon as, to ensure I can complete tasks that need the answers to these, so my progress isn’t being restricted.



Using the backlog I have formed a weekly plan up until the end of the project, which outlines everything that needs to be achieved in that week to ensure I finish all my work on time.

Sprint 1 – Week 1



SPRINT 2 – Week 2


SPRINT 3 – Week 3



SPRINT 4 – Week 4



SPRINT 5 – Week 5