Game Idea 3 – Physical Game Prototype


Having created a prototype testing and visualising the mechanics from my first game idea, I have decided to create another prototype for my third game idea.

I have chosen to do this as my third idea is a physical game and so I wanted to discover how similar mechanics to my first idea, (team based, healing through colour, stressful location) would work within a physically interactive environment.

Also I plan to test how well stress can be created through players running around healing each other by collecting colours. I am interested in this as all 3 of my game ideas are based off of this concept and if this doesn’t create stress then I need to rethink all my designs so that they do.


Game Idea


Prototype Idea

For the prototype I had to reduce down the complexity of it, as I couldn’t have coded lights or sensors on the players, as I didn’t have time to create this and it wasn’t necessary. Therefore I adapted the game idea slightly to create a physical prototype for people to test.

Below are diagrams explaining the idea and the changes I’ve made.

spr_b63_c1016112918180 spr_b63_c1016112918181 spr_b63_c1016112918190


What was I trying to test?
  • Co-operative play – Fun? Stressful?
  • Whether the game is stressful
  • Whether the game is entertaining
  • What creates stress in game
  • Feedback on mechanics and game
  • Running to colours mechanics – Is this enjoyable and stressful?
  • Healing mechanics – Do players understand they are helping other players stay alive
  • Plan out the play test – What do I need? When will I do it? How will I be recording it? What do I want to gain from it?