Game Idea 1 – Prototype Development

Today I created a prototype to test out key mechanics which are within all of my game ideas, (particularly idea 1).

Refer to my previous post for an explanation of my game ideas. 

Testing what?

The mechanics I tested were:

  • 2 player movement
  • Losing health when damaged
  • Players changing colour when they reduce health


Why Test?

I was testing these mechanics as they are the core to all of my games and I wanted to ensure they are able to be coded in Unity and they work in the way I imagine. Otherwise I will need to make alterations to the game ideas.

  • I wanted to test whether 2 players were able to separately move from one another, as within my first game idea it has been designed to involve multiple players moving at once on a screen. so players need to be able to move characters individually.
  • I was testing the connection between health and colour changing, as I wanted to ensure this was possible in Unity, as well as helping me to understand how this could be done, if there are any limitations or issues I need to avoid for later references.

Overall I wanted to create the prototype to start visualising my mechanics, converting them from drawings into an interaction, to better illustrate my ideas.


Video of Prototype

A video of my prototype showing a 2 player game where when a player is hit by the falling blocks they lose health and change colour.


  • Within my game idea, I had expressed the world would have more of an open feel, with players able to explore the environment in 3 dimensions. Also players are not hit by falling objects but damaged by enemies. However for the purposes of testing these mechanics, I created them in the simplistic way possible way to focus solely on the visualisation of the mechanics

Development Videos

Player Movement


Movement Issue

There was an issue with the movement of the players as they could push against one and other and this would cause them to fall off the platform. To solve this I added a hidden barrier behind the platform to ensure no player could fall off.


Adding Falling Blocks

Adding falling blocks that will hit players and will be coded to reduce health later on.


Changing Block Speed

Having added the falling blocks into the game, they moved way too fast and so I solved this issue by slowing them down.

Players killed

After 3 hits from the blocks a player is killed.

Health reduction


Adding Colour


Changing Colour




  • Managing to code the mechanics I wanted to (2 player movement, health reduction and colour change), I felt this showed that all these mechanics are achievable within Unity, indicating that this engine could be a good option to create this type of game in, if I do pick this idea.
  • I believe the prototype makes it clear that the players’ colour changes when they are hit, which I think is useful in successfully visualising this mechanic and making it clearly what I am trying to achieve.
  • The limitations I have discovered so far are that when colours change it is a very sharp transition and I am unsure if this is how I want, as it appears too jumpy. I’m currently unsure if this can be changed, but I feel further research into Unity will enable me to discover if there is a built in way to alter the transitions, otherwise an animation may need to be made for it.
  • Another issue I found was that I had to set the players to change to a certain colour when hit, which felt very structured and I feel people would soon realise the pattern and be able to plan to for heals in advance, therefore removing the element of stress. However I feel random colour generation should be possible but it would require more research.


Questions to consider:

  • Do I want the change in colour to be this instantaneous or more gradual to make it smoother?
  • Will the health of a player relate to a specific colour? As within my prototype when a player has 2 hearts of health they turn green and then when they go down to 1 heart they turn red. Do I want it as structured as this or more random? – Random to add greater uncertainty and stress.