Forming Mechanics

This post explores the forming of mechanics relating to stress and de-stressing.

However I started off by thinking more about what my target audience could be. I mind mapped what situations cause stress and who are most likely affected by these situations, to help start to define a possible target audience.



I still haven’t finalised my target audience, which I realise now is because I’m scared to do so, as I feel it could restrict what I can make too much and I won’t be able to make something that is of interest to me. To solve this I plan to write down exactly what I enjoy and want to achieve this year and link this with what I believe would appeal to certain target audiences. Which will help me to narrow down my options and ultimately make a selection which would be most fitting for the goal of the game and my own goals.

Forming Mechanics

As planned within my previous post I decided to pick some of the key words that came from my stress research. Which I then formed mind mapped of possible mechanic ideas.


Scans of mind maps used to form stressful/ de-stressful mechanics to use within my game ideas. 

List of mechanics

I created a list of all mechanics that I had formed from my mind mapping process above, as well as certain mechanics I had found within my research.

Not only did I list mechanics I also listed key research areas that were of most interest to me that I would then combine with the mechanics, to complete the methodology I learnt from Andy last year.


To get more concepts to combine with mechanics I also noted down different stressful situations and locations that could help me form game ideas.




Looking over all the mechanics and key research areas, it was clear to me that I had too many choices to choose from and that I wouldn’t be able to explore all the areas within such a short time. Therefore I thought it would be best to select mechanics and key areas that were of greatest interest to me, as well as relate best to a de-stressing experience. Overall helping to narrow down my options and focus my idea generation process.



  • Create a set of game ideas using Andy’s mechanic and research area combination methodology.