Figuring Out the Project

As planned within my previous post, I wrote down what I had researched, my thoughts so far and what the purpose of my work could be. Highlighting the most interesting points to me, to help me narrow down the area I want to specialise in.


What Have i researched?

I highlighting the most interesting, to help me narrow down the areas I want to specialise in.

Thoughts so Far

What could the purpose be?

Audience POSSIBILITIES – Bobbie Discussion

While talking over my work with Bobbie she helped me understand that I needed to remove the brain power aspect from the project, as my research had shown how difficult it would be to bring to life without being gimmicky and so the outcome would never live up to my expectations. Therefore I decided to take the brain research out of my list of possible areas to focus on.

From there I then took the particular purposes I was interested in and mind mapped what the audiences could be for each option, to help me think about how difficult or specific the audiences may be and who I would be aiming the game for. Helping me to narrow down the purpose of the game, depending who I’d have to aim the game at.


Stress and 3D Colour

Having done all this work, I decided upon the theme of showing stress through 3D colour, because I felt I had a personal connection to stress, especially with the pressure I put myself under with uni and I know  others around me who also feel the same.

Therefore I wanted to do something about this and so the purpose of my game was formed – To teach people about how stress affects their bodies and spread awareness of how important it is to de-stress on the health of our bodies.




  • Fill out a research proposal document given to us from Adam, to summarise what I wish to achieve with this project, as well as form a presentation ready for Friday.