Discussion with Adam: GDD Structure

I spoke with Adam today about my project, specifically about how to present the GDD. I felt that I wanted to create a separate website/ blog for my GDD, however I wanted to add the design decisions into it, but I didn’t want it to distract from the keyinformation. I wasn’t sure exactly how to do this, whether I should just hyperlink text to separate blog posts, or split the screen with the information on one side and the decisions on the other, then the decisions change when the user scrolls to a new section. I was unsure how to do this, so I felt talking about this to Adam would help.



  • Footnoting – Include decisions into the text but they are hidden
  • But won’t work on WordPress as I can’t use plugins unfortunately.


Big Foot 


  • Find WordPress Plugins

Plan out the GDD online – Spider diagram or online tools

Online tools


  • Look at participation exhibitions
  • Consider exhibitions more and what will help in the future.


What I will take from this?

  • I think I will plan what I want the GDD website to do in terms of functionality and how to incorporate the design decisions into the GDD, but without the decisions distracting from the key information.
  • Also I will look into different exhibitions or locations to look into for the future and planning to look into it for the future.