Family Friendly Games Research

I have collected a range of family friendly games which have a similar target audience to my own, so that I can analyse what art style they use to inform the look of my game, ensuring it will appeal to a wide age range.



Mario Kart

  • Bright Bold Colours
  • Cartoon
  • Characters all distinguishable from one another – Shape, form, colour,
  • Flat Texture
  • Stylised features – Not realisitic



  • Vibrant colours
  • Simplified forms
  • Flat textures on characters



  • Comical characters
  • Flat colours
  • Vibrant colours
  • Limited texture
  • Large Head
  • Cartoon
  • Simplified character designs – Missing limbs
  • Rounded




  • Blocky
  • Flat textures

Overall Thoughts

From the games I have looked in to above I have identified that a simplified, cartoon art style filled with bright, bold colours and flat textures, is a style that is used commonly within games that appeal to a family friendly audience. With it being the norm it must mean that it is effective at appealing and selling the games to that audience.

So therefore have decided to use a similar art style to ensure Chroma will visually appeal to it target audience, with it being designed for a wide age range of people.