Explosive Art


Identifying the imagery of Nebulas to be of keen interest I had planned to find artists or other artwork that expressed a similar mood or colours and the techniques they had used to do this. However I was struggling a lot to find anything quite right, with most space drawings not having the same wow factor to them, as there was enegery lacking in them.

So to solve this I decided to discuss the problem I was having with Kathryn, to identify if she knew any artists. Fortunately I found this to be greatly useful as she told me about an artist who creates galaxy imagery using explosives. I was excited by this as I’d never heard of this type of technique before and I decided to look into it.


Drew Lausman

Video showing the process of creating the artworks.



Selection of Artwork



Looking over the research of Drew Lausman’s work I find his painting process fascinating due to the danger and risk behind it, from using fireworks to splatter the paint onto the canvas. I believe this technique is effective in creating a feeling of energy and power within his artwork, due to the paint being exploded onto the canvas in a very energetic and unpredictable manner. Which I feel is the reason his artwork looks so realisitic and has a true feeling of space, because it contains the same energy as within the actual Nebula images.

Thinking about the technique in terms of games, I feel it could potentially be a game mechanic and would make for a very explosive experience.