Emotional Locations

Building upon this location research I have formed a set of mind-maps exploring different locations which are synonymous with different emotions.






  • Happy locations definitely link to childish ones for me
  • Happiness and being childish I find are deeply connected, due to a childish mind being one that doesn’t have the stresses and stains of daily life but has freedom and inner calm.

Fearful Locations



Angry Locations



Sad Locations


Form photo montages of each locations




Unfortunately I didn’t find this research particularly inspiring or exciting, whether this was due to the lack of visuals I collected or the simply because I was mind mapping general locations myself, so more specific ones would have brought about more ideas and excitement, I’m still undersided but I certainly wasn’t captivated by what I was researching unlike me previous post. So from previous experience when I’m not having any inspiration luck I will stop my research into emotional locations at this point and move onto the next step in my plan which was to research colourful locations, what they look like and what colours are used.

Its sort of hit home that the idea of a colourful world is far outweighing my interest for an emotional one. As I still feel greatly drawn to the idea of portals allowing travel to different coloured locations, or a coloured universe based off of the structure of colour systems. I think this is due to my excitement for colour and the creative freedom those ideas give me. As my designs aren’t restricted by emotions I’m trying to create, meaning I can simply focus on highlight colours to create visually beautiful environments. Also the idea of creating my own universe with coloured planets just sounds amazing and I’d love the challenge of it.


So like I said above I will now explore further into colourful locations to help develop my imagery and find inspiration locations which could influence game worlds