Emotional Heat Maps

Thinking about the use of colour gradients and emotions from my previous character designs, I discovered this illustration outlining the heat map of the body from each mood.

I felt it linked back to the style I had be using with the whole body covered in multiple blends of colour.

I found it interesting to see how the heat in someones body changes so much within each emotion. The diagram brings up the idea that could heat could be a key factor in creating colour and emotion in a game, something I hadn’t considered before. Also it brought up the thoughts of characters  changing colour depending on their emotion. So there could be some sort of game where the player has to guess an NPC’s emotion and pick the appropriate response, or have to try to calm/ de-stress a character so there colour changes to reflect that mood.

I also just realised that the illustration utilises a different method of associating colour with emotion, using heat instead to determine the colour, rather than the thoughts and selections of people, shown from the Behance research. Therefore it was useful in making me realise that colour and emotion don’t just have to be connected by what people think they should be, but there can be more innovative and unusual connections that I could use.