Dreams Imagery

Dreams are highly visual experiences and though they can’t be seen like a movie or a film, they are experiences that many try to captured on canvas. I searched for images on both Flickr and Pinterest relating to the tag Dream and used the images as a starting point to form a visual research journey.


Flickr Pictures

Brought up the idea of Dream catchers



I searched dreams into Pinterest help me broaden out my research further.




Thought Process


  • Started off with typically dream imagery and the idea of imagination and images coming out of your head.









  • This then moved me onto more abstract pieces of art, which I felt was successful in representing the confusion of dreams.









  • I then looked at the idea of dream catchers and particularly liked the shapes and forms produced by them, as they reminded me of Eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings. Therefore I felt they could influence the structures of worlds and create unique and creative environments to explore.





  • Searching through the dream catcher tag, I discovered pieces sewing within leaves. I particularly liked how intricaote and detailed the patterns were, and it fascinated me how a muddy decaying leaf could be turned into something of such beauty.








  • Moving back into the weird and wonderful side of the topic, I researched more heavily into surrealism as I felt the juxtaposition of subject matters helped to represent the randomness of dreams and how they are a collection of multiple memories and thoughts all mashed together.






  • When looking into surrealist artworks I found many pieces that included a space theme, with the use of stars and colourful cloud effects. This then lead me onto the space imagery of Nebulas.






  • Finally, my visual research lead me onto images of space and in particular Nebulas. I was most captivated by the ethereal colours created and the power and strength that was felt through the contrast in light and cloud like textures that are a prominent feature within the images.





  • Feeling amazed by the imagery of Nebulas due to the sheer beauty and awe-inspiring nature of them, I have decided to research further into them, by finding more images, learning what Nebula are, by discovering how they are created and what they’re made of.