When exploring transmogrify and metamorphosis I found it hard to find innovative and interesting information on the topics, as they all seemed to focus on evolution of animals or human into animals Which wasn’t of great interest to me, as there wasn’t a extraordinary change in their form, like orgami that goes from 2D lines to 3D scultpure.

Therefore I thought it wasn’t smart to keep pushing his theme when I couldn’t find anything, so I decided to explore around the words more and came up with the theme ‘Evolution’. I looked into the topic of evolution and discovered DNA while searching Pinterest, which interested me as it had that same magical aspect that the origami did, with DNA being a set of minuscule cells which determine and form a person’s characteristics and body shape. So this process was taking a set of stringed cells and producing a body with characteristics, which I found fascinating, as how is this possible and does this process work. Therefore I decided to research more into the topic looking into the structure of DNA and the connection between DNA and our body features or characteristics.


Initial Pinterest Board exploring DNA visually, to find visual inspiration that could develop my research.

What did I learn?
  • Possible to show a visual representation of a person through DNA – However can’t tell age or size/ weight – Not overly accurate – Can it be in the future?
  • DNA facial visualisations to solve crimes – collect gum and DNA from this and form representation of the people who littered and put mug shots in town – Embarrassment and shame
  • SNP – Method used to analyse the DNA and identify its traits.



The article makes me question whether we will be able to actually predict what people will look like in the future. However I suppose this already happens when children go missing and they show digitally altered images to show what the child could look like now. Though I think maybe its the aspect of accuracy and being able to correctly show what someone will look like that gets me more excited, as it is like we can predict the future to an extent.

Learning that a method called SNP is used to analyse DNA by extrapolate the traits from the molecule, I found myself wanting to research more into this, to discover specifically how it works and the process behind it. I wish to do this because as I’ve said before I’m intrigued by how exactly they take this data and what are the differences are in the DNA to form these slight trait differences. So by researching more into the method, I hope to find the answers to these questions.



  • Research into SNP