Today I was feeling very lost as to where my project was going, as I had researched many different areas revolving around colour, emotions and the brain, making it difficult to know where to take the project as had so many different options and thoughts about the project.

Also I was feeling very reluctant to let go of any of the information I had an interest in, because I couldn’t decide which sections were more important to me and I didn’t want to lose any incase I remove something of great value. Therefore this meant that I was holding onto the idea of 3D colour, 3D emotions, using the brain in some way to control the game, colour mapping and navigating, among others, which was simply too much.

To try to narrow down exactly what I wanted to focus and what I wanted to be my research proposal for the rest of the project to be, I spoke with my friend Beth about the project, to get a fresh prospective on it and help me know what is and isn’t possible and what I am most interested in to take forward.

Below are the notes from the DISCUSSION:


Closing your mind and recording it

Senses Experience – end goal make you feel better

Not screen base – massive bridge – colour halo

What area falls under all 3 of those

How to connect them

Theme that links to all of them


Want a wow!

Need a purpose

Raise awareness

Control emotions – stress

Amaze people with emotions colour


Colourful aesthetics – colour gradients

Emotion is the meaning – caring or understanding people more

What events have large emotions? – visualising emotions Subconscious – abstract

Why would I use the brain as a controller?

Want a screen

Telekensis – talk to people with brain – connection – make people have emotions – match your emotions


Don’t have the technology to do what I want to do – can’t record emotions with brain waves

Adapt idea to make it possible, or figure out what is possible and how that can be used

Pick one emotion – stress?

What do you want to achieve? Is it achievable?

Possible artists

Jody Xiong, Laura Jade, brion gysin


  • There were certainly conflicting arguments within the talk, as I was certainly interested in the use of brain power to control a game character and the wow factor of that. However my research suggested this would be very difficult to achieve, as it was near on impossible with the technology at the moment to distinguish between the power waves of different emotions. So I sort of came to the conclusion this may be impossible to achieve. Though from the discussion Beth was suggesting that nothing is impossible and that if I really want to do it then there is always a way. But should I really go against the research?
  • I think it helped talking about my issues as it gave me a different way of thinking about the project and I came to different conclusions than I would have done on my own, such as the one above on my own. However, it also made me more confused as I had come to certain conclusions, but Beth would then counter these conclusions showing the negatives of them and so I couldn’t make a clear decision.
  • In the future I may need to be more selective with who I talk to about my work so they don’t keep counteracting my decisions. Or be more confident with my own decisions that I make, even when someone may be telling me differently.
  • However from the talk we did come up with a plan for tomorrow to help me finalise my area of specialising, (stated in the plan below). Which I feel will be useful as it will allow me to get all my ideas down at once and really think about what I want to achieve and what I can achieve, helping me make an informed decision on the future of the project.


  • Write down everything learnt and looked into – Making it clear to me what actually I have researched, so I know what I have to select from – I then plan to highlight areas that I’m currently interested in, to help me initially narrow down the areas.
  • To help me narrow down the areas even more I plan to write down what I like and what I really want to achieve this year. As well as the pro and cons of the areas.
  • From this I then plan to identify if any of the areas I’m interested in link to what I want to achieve. Helping me to narrow down my options, so I can start planning out a purpose for the project.