Decision on Research Point

After presenting my 4 points to the group I had to decide upon 1 point to continue researching in more depth for phase 2.

Looking over all the research I chose to research further into the topic of colour therapy, because I found this the most exciting topic due to it being completely new to me and a non traditional healing technique. Therefore I felt it would bring up fascinating and unique research areas due to it being relatively unknown. Which in the future will benefit the originality of my game ideas and they will be based off of a topic that no other game has.

Another reason I chose colour therapy was because I felt connecting it with the use of brain/ psychic powers would be interesting, as I find it captivating to be able to control situations with my brain rather than a console. And I thought it would be exciting to control or record the brain’s emotions through brain waves.

So overall it truly interests me how I colour could be used to control the brain and emotions, therefore it is something I’m passionate about exploring further.


Etherpad Feedback


Looking at the etherpad, where my fellow students wrote down notes and voted on their favourite topic, it is clear that colour therapy was the most popular within the half of the votes. Which I believe is useful in backing up my excitement for the topic, as it is obvious that others find this theme to be of interest. Therefore meaning that the topic has legs and the final game outcome has promise in creating a buzz.


Etherpad Reflection

Reflecting on the use of the ether pad, I felt it was beneficial to gain instant feedback from my work.

However, I felt it was rude typing when listening to the presentations, as I was concentrating more on what I was writing than what they were saying. Which in turn caused me to miss out on information and therefore I could have been rewriting down what the presentator had already been talking about or adding links that weren’t greatly relevant. Meaning the person wasn’t gaining the most useful information and so we couldn’t help to progress their research further. Though taking this into consideration I think with some more practice with the tool it could become a highly useful device for noting down quick thoughts without interrupting presentations. Therefore if we use this again, I will try to be quicker when typing and concentrate on both at once.


I plan to look into the links placed into the ether pad and then discuss my theme with Adam before I properly plan what I want to focus my research into.