Decision on Final Game

Well the presentation is done and phase 3 is over. Now to select one of the 3 game ideas I proposed to develop into a GDD within phase 4.


Chosen Game: Game Idea 1 – Cooperative

  • Gained the most votes during the presentation – This indicated to me that this idea appealed greatest to people and so was more unique and interesting than the other ideas I proposed. Which I believe points to the idea being popular if released.
  • Physical game doesn’t appeal to my strengths – I decided to not do the third game idea, as I thought an interactive game didn’t play to my strengths, with it being physical and relying on programming of light systems and floor mats, which is something I haven’t done before. Therefore I feel would struggle greatly as I would constantly be having to learn from the basics rather than developing from what I already know, and so I feel the game wouldn’t be of as high standard.
  • Game idea 2 is too large a project for one person – I feel the PVP idea would be too large a project for one person, as I believe it would take a lot of testing and designing in order to gain the balance of cooperation and pvp right. Because this is not something I know many games if any have done and so I don’t have a template to work off of, which would make it very hard and slow to develop a game. Whereas there are multiple examples of cooperative games that I can inform my design decisions, ultimately helping me to create a better experience and game for players.



  • Read through my GDD from last year and note down the structure of it, so I know what I need to include within my GDD for this year. As well as making me aware of what other work I need to produce, so I can form a full backlog and plan for the next phase, to ensure I am organised and prepared for hand in on time.