Cooperative Research: Reflection


Looking back over the research I found it be very informative and useful in helping me to better understand how to design and create a cooperative experience. By discovering cooperative design principles that should be used to ensure team work and collaboration. As well as learning that cooperative games shouldn’t be skill based because it creates a skill gap which can be frustrating for a range of ability players.

Which I believe will be beneficial for the development of my project as I can make alterations to my ideas based off of the information I have learnt. Ensuring my final game idea is truly cooperative.

So I plan to continue to look back at this information whenever I am making design decisions later on to direct my game play, mechanics and environment towards a more cooperative outcome.




On reflection, I realise now that I probably should have done this research sooner at the start of this phase (phase 3), as I could have built my ideas more around the design principles and information I learnt. Therefore ensuring my design decisions would have been backed and based off of key information from the start, making sure the mechanics and ideas I had would be cooperative. However l still feel my games are cooperative due to players having to rely on others to heal them to stay alive and so without others helping them the team would all die. But they weren’t designed initially using the principles and I could have easily have designed them poorly and have to had to redo all the ideas now. So in hindsight I have been lucky that I have clearly thought over my ideas and made them cooperative, but for next time I should definitely learn the principles of it before I start producing ideas.


  • Plan to use this information to inform my design decisions later during phase 4, to create a truly cooperative experience.