When looking into both the psychology of colour and the Holi festival they both brought up the idea of colour projecting emotions onto people. Therefore I decided to research more into this focusing my attention back onto colour therapy, which I briefly researched before.

However this time I wanted to look more in-depth into it to discover how it works to treat illness and what exactly it can treat whether that be physical or mental illnesses and the scientific evidence to back this us.


Colour Therapy

I initially started off researching into the use of colour therapy for depression, as my previous research had identified its use within mental illnesses and so I wanted to learn more about the process of this first.

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What did i learn?
  • Official name for colour therapy is chromatherapy
  • Used for thousands of years – Egyptians had solarium/ solar rooms, where light would come into the room and coloured glass, coloured silk, coloured water or gel would be used to form a specific coloured list to heal patients.
  • Blind people experience psychological reactions to different colours – skin sees Technicolour – Kurt Goldstein “The Organism”
  • ‘Colours affect the vibrational energy that flows throughout every organ and system of the body.’ – Reason why blind people are affected
  • The Luscher- Colour Diagnostic
  • Chromatherpay used within Chinese healing practices too
  • The amount of colour that is directed to a certain place depends if there will be positive or negative reaction to it.
  • Chromatherapy tools – candles, wands, prisms, fabric, gemstone, coloured glasses and lenses
  • Chakras – 7 colours of the body
  • Different coloured chakras which have different meanings.
  • 1990 first scientific acknowledgment of the use of blue light in treating depression – America Associated Advanced of Science conference



Leanne Venier

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From the information collected on colour therapy I am most interested in:

  • Solarium Rooms – These are rooms create din Egyptain times where people would be healed through coloured light. Solarium rooms give me a world of imagery and really makes me wonder what they must of looked liked and how they worked. In my mind imagine coloured light wrapping around pharaoh statues and God’s helping with the healing process. It all feels very magical and spiritual to me and something that could form the location of a game and I plan to research into it further.


  • Chakras – The belief that there are 7 coloured energy sources (Chakras) within the body that create balance and must be healed in order to keep the body functioning smoothly. I’m intrigued by the idea of chakras, as this concept of energy within the body is exciting as its not something that’s tangible but it could be there. So I’m excited to learn more about these coloured energies and how they can affect us, whether that be positive or negative.



From the research above I identified that the spiritual belief of Chakras and their healing powers was of interest to me. I had learnt briefly about the 7 chakras, though I wanted to learn more about them, specifically finding out how they develop, where the concept originated from, as well as how each chakra differs.


Healing Chakras book

Annotated scans of a book about the healing powers of Chakras.

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img446 img447 img448



  • I feel I have fully explored this topic for the time being and I plan to go back to my chromotherapy research where I discovered the history of the therapy through the use of solarium rooms. I’m particularly interested in the imagery and how this worked, so I plan to try to discover more information about the process and the appearance of the rooms.