Colour and Sound: Reflection

Reflecting back over the research I have conducted into music, I feel it successfully expanded out my research, though ultimately wasn’t greatly inspiring or useful in helping me form a research point to focus on.

Using Adam’s card research technique of selecting a theme and then focusing on that within my research point, was useful in helping me to narrow down my attention into one area eg music.

I believe using this method helped me to expand out my ideas as I would never have considered researching into the music relating to my topic. Therefore it gave me focus on a new area revealing information such as chromasthesia and Neil Harbisson which I wouldn’t have found otherwise. Helping me look at my research point in a different way.

From looking back over my work I also believe I completed a lot of visual responses to the research, which was useful in helping me look at my work in a different way, particularly chromasthesia which I initially didn’t want to explore further. Though the drawings I created visualising music helped me realise I could then use these to form characters and environments and chromasthesia wasn’t just restricted by showing the colours in music. Therefore the responses helped me to look at my information from a different perspective and see how out it could be used.

This all made me feel the research was successful in broadening out my initial research topic, giving me multiple possible research areas to focus on within the next phase of the project. With this being the case I plan to use Adam’s method again and continue to respond visually to the research, as these where the main reason I achieve this.

However, though I had expanded out my research I don’t feel the information I gained was useful in actually inspiring or exciting me and actually caused me to feel quite unmotivated by the project. I think this was due to the sense of wow and amazement that I felt from my phase 1 research being lost. As there was nothing apart from Neil Harbisson that seemed impossible and so gave me that wow factor.

On reflection I should have realised this sooner and moved onto the next theme of focus, but I felt I had to carry on researching as there could be a possibility to find something of interest, but there never was.

So to solve this I will now select a new card and use that theme to focus my research onto. I will also try to ensure I keep reflecting and thinking about where my project is progressing to ensure my research is relevant to this and will be of use and interest to me.