Colour and Shapes: Reflection

Looking over the shape section of my research, I decided to highlight areas that were of keen interest to me, so I can focus my future research into these areas and help to ensure the project is truly captivating for me.

Key research points:

Colour gradients – I chose colour gradients to be a key research point, not just because I find the blend of colours to be so beautiful but also because the style links back to colour and emotions. With the subtle blend of colour creating a calming mood making me feel relaxed and showing a change in emotion.

Therefore it brought up ideas of using colour gradients to form a relaxing experience of change that in a way could be a form of colour therapy, connecting back to my initial research point. So overall colour gradients links well with my research area and so illustrates the connection of colour and emotions effectively.


Gamut colour mapping -I found this to be a key area of interest and one that I feel I will definitely research further into within this phase, because I find it interesting that something that isn’t necessary tangible within a 3D space is then still able to be mapped within it. I find it visually fascinating that a colour which I consider to be 2D can change dimensions to be put in a 3D place. This amazement is the reason why I planned to continue exploring into this research point.


Reflecting upon my research it is becoming clear that the brain aspect from my original research point is becoming less of a factor within my research now. I believe this is simply due to the focus I have had and the research I’ve found revolving more around colour and emotion than the brain. Though I don’t see this as a bad thing because I have gained useful information which has developed and progressed my project, but the brain does still intrigue me and I feel I could come back to it later on in the research. I would plan to focus on it now, however with only recently discovered a keen interest in colour gradients and mapping I want to explore these areas fully before moving on, because I don’t want to interrupt the flow I am in and become stuck in the project.

So I will refrain from incorporating the brain back into my research for now, until such a time when I’m feeling stuck with the project and need to look at it from a different angle.



  • Continue using Adam’s card technique to focus my research as it has been effective so far. Though within the next research section(s) I will try to incorporate or research around colour gradients and mapping, so my research is developing into an area I’m an interested in and so I will keep motivated throughout the project.