Colour and Locations: Discussion

I had this moment of loss today, whether I’ve been working too hard or I’m just tired but my brain just couldn’t comprehend anything anymore. I panicked and wasn’t sure where my project was headed and I certainly felt this wave of stress come over me.

Not knowing what to do with the project or myself, I sat down with Bobbie and had a good old chat about my project, what I’d been looking into and what I thought was of interest to me.

The discussion certainly helped me discover a direction to go in, as just talking through the project clarified in my mind what I had been doing and helped me to feel less panicked about it all. Also it was useful to get a different perspective on the project and have someone listen to me and for them to pin point what they felt I was most interested in. Helped me to realise exactly where I should be taking the project and so I have now started looking back into 3D colour mapping structures as this is of greatest interest to me. Fortunately Bobbie gave me some pieces of research to look into including videos on navigating the Gamblin Colour system and games such as Blendoku and 3D Logic that use colour within a 3D space. So these will be my starting point for today and I will research into them.


Refer to Sketchbook 2

Scans from sketchbook 2 of the discussion



Reflecting back now I should have just looked back over my previous posts as I had clearly planned to research more into 3D colour systems and so I could have avoided this whole stressful situation, but me being in my panicked state I just didn’t think of that. So this something I will definitely remember to do in the future whenever I am feeling lost or confused, to help avoid these situations again.