Asking Others About Stress

Having researched into how stress affects the body on a psychological and biological level, I decided to ask people what they feel about stress and how stress affects them, to see if the research I have collected matches this first hand information. Which ultimately will help me to better understand how stress personally affects people. So I can ensure the game is based on accurate information, not just second research that may not be as factually accurate in real life.


  • What makes you stress? – situations, locations, people
  • Why do they make you feel stressed?
  • How long are you stressed for?
  • What are some bad habits you do when you’re stressed? – does it affect others?
  • What destresses you? How/ Why?
  • Do you prefer to be alone or with others?
  • Do you prefer inside and outside?
  • What would you put in your emergency break glass case?


Book Scans


REFer to sketchbook 2 for all notes


On the notes I have highlighted key, common or surprising answers from the notes, to narrow down all the information I have gained, so I know what to use to help with my game ideas.

REFer to Sketchbook 2


Looking over the notes I found it useful asking people what they’re thoughts are about stress and their perception on how stress affects them, as it gave me an insight into different types of situations and events that cause stress and how different people deal with it.

I found the research to be successful in making me aware how stress is very personal with people getting stressed over different situations and dealing with stress in different ways. For example Bobbie got stressed over feeling as though she was not able to meet expectations, whereas Kathryn only seemed stressed from arguments and confrontations. Showing that they aren’t stressed by the same situation and

In terms of dealing with stress, I personally deal better from stress by forcing myself to complete work that is making me stressed, whereas Bobbie or Kathryn would need time away to de-stress. Teaching me that there is never going to be one way to de-stress someone.

Therefore if I did want to make a game about de-stressing people rather than getting them to reflect on stress I feel I would need to do scientific research into whether there is a universal technique(s) for dealing with stress and if so what is it and how could I translate it into an interactive experience.




  • Research into de-stressing techniques, simply to help me gather other possible mechanics for within the game, as well as identify if there are universal de-stressing techniques that could be placed into a game format to help people relief stress.