Adam’s Feedback

Having chosen my final research point from the 4 possibilities, explained within my previous post, I spoke to Adam about my choice and how to take the project further.

Discussing the topic I explained how I wanted to look into colour therapy and possibly combine it with the idea of brain power/ brain wave devices, to create a highly innovative and ground-breaking game idea. However when talking this through with Adam he didn’t seem particularly excited by what I was proposing, I’m unsure if this is due to the fact that Adam didn’t have any further information or advice to give to me, or if he didn’t feel the idea had great potential. I’m hoping it was the first option, as I personally feel that the project is thoroughly captivating due to its originality. Therefore I believe I can create an idea that is not like anything else and truly pushes the boundaries of what games are.

However within the discussion Adam did bring up the idea that I should look more into Haptic devices, (custom controllers) as those these were more about gaining and response than using the users response, he felt that as I wanted to use a custom controller (rather than mainstream tools) that it would be beneficial to research into different controllers out there and what is and isn’t possible. Therefore allowing me to identify what is effective and also help define parameters for possible game ideas.


Overall talking to Adam I didn’t find the discussion that useful, in fact I felt pretty deflated about my idea afterwards as I didn’t gain a positive response from it. Which in turn caused me to be unproductive over the weekend, and so waste time that could have been used for researching. From this experience I have learnt to not be so affected by how people react to my idea and if I feel excited and confident about my idea then I should not be swayed by one person’s response to it.

However I will take forward the idea of researching into custom controllers, as I think this greatly relates to my project and it would be useful to identify different ways a game could be controlled, to help me branch out what is possible.