Adam’s Feedback

Feedback notes

  • Pleased with the project so far and how far my research had developed.
  • He was happy I had moved away from colour therapy as he thought it could be quite a restrictive topic at the end of the last phase.
  • Strong purpose for the project and well thought over with lots of research to back up my ideas.
  • However he was unsure that Beyond Eyes and Journey which were games I had suggested to be similar games within my research proposal document, were the right games to gain influence from. He felt this becauseĀ these games where too focused creating emotions in the player rather than teaching them about a subject matter.
  • Therefore he suggested I look into the Tale of Tales set of games, as these are far greater at causing people to connect and so reflect on a characters actions, which is the main purpose of my game.
  • Personally I thought my game suggestions were justified and were similar to the Tale of Tales games Adam showed me anyway. But I will play through some of the games, as they could be of use in terms of learning effective ways of getting users to reflect upon the actions of characters within a game and how they learn from them.