Mapping Colours and Emotions


Selecting a second card from Adam’s set, I chose Shapes and started exploring this looking into what shapes can be associated with colour and emotions.

Colour Wheels

Having a search on Pinterst for shapes that connected colour and emotions, I discovered these colour wheels. Initially I thought they were standard wheels, however when I looked closer I realised they actually have emotions mapped on the colour wheel, associating emotions with specific set colours.



  • I realised that these shapes and the concept of linking emotions and colours strongly links back to my research into Chromatherapy from phase 1 – Immediatly bringing back my joy and excitement for the project which I lost in the music research – I’m motiviated again.
  • Mapping – I’m interested into the idea of mapping colours and emotions and wonder if there are any other ways this could possible be done – Something to keep in mind



Research more into shapes to discover other imagery and artists who have used shapes and colours to express emotions – Expand out my research.