3D Colour Mapping

Following my discussion with Bobbie I researched into the sources that she gave me, to help progress and push my research on.


Gamblin Colour system

Videos explaining how to navigate through the Gamblin colour system






Scans of the video notes within my sketchbook

Refer to sketchbook 2

Key Points


Munsell Colour Tree

An image found when searching for more colour systems.


  • Each glass panel is a set of colours and connects to form this tree.
  • What if players could take the tree apart and take the panels and use them to travel the game world
  • Or does the player need to collect all the panels and join them back together to bring harmony to the world?



I looked into this game Blendoku that Bobbie suggested may be of interest.

  • Puzzle game
  • Ordering colours through hue and tone
  • Level based – Harder levels more colours and less variation in tone.
  • Game revolves around the ordering of colours  – A form of mapping
  • Not of interest – 2D rather than 3D and it isn’t about navigating a space


3D Logic

Games based off of a rubik cube, where the players form coloured paths to match up coloured blocks

  • Puzzle game
  • Different way of navigating by forming pathways on a 3D shape – However this isn’t actually moving within 3D space as I see it, as the player is moving along tiles rather than to a completely separate location. So the movement is confined to the tiles rather than it being an open world, like the Gamblin colour structure and so the world isn’t defined by colour its defined by the tiles. Therefore this game has helped me solidify what is of interest to me, being the navigation of an open 3D space through the use of colour that is associated with certain locations.


Key point
  • Navigation through space using colour – Mixing colours to move from one place to the next
  • Colours associated to certain places in an open 3D space
  • Hue, value and intensity as variables within a game.
  • Hue families – Different tribes or species – Battle of hue families



Scan of a reflection within my research



Scan from sketchbook 2