3D Colour

 Refer to Sketchbook 2



From the reflection upon my research into shapes, I identified that I will look into 3D colour and emotion mapping in more detail, which I initially discovered within my colour and sound posts and my emotions post.

I chose these because I find it interesting that something that isn’t necessary tangible within a 3D space is then still able to be mapped within it. With my research showing graphs and diagrams of both colour and emotions placed in a 3D space. I wanted to explore this further as it was simply really fascinating to me how this could be done and what they 3D systems would look like visually.

Therefore I will continue to research into 3D mapping or colour and emotions, discovering if there are different types and what they look like.

GAMUT colour System

Images of 3D colour mapping formed from the Gamut colour system 


Refer to Sketchbook 2

Thoughts and ideas that came from the colour system imagery.


  • The appearance of the 3D space for me resembles an orb



As I was starting to come up with basic game ideas/ narratives from the Gamut colour system, I decided to look into the application of colour within 3D space. During my research I discovered the Tilt Brush by Google that allows a user who is wearing a virtual reality device to paint in 3D.



I thought this was a perfect visual application of how 3D colour mapping could be translated into an interactive format. By having someone in space use colour within that space or collect colour in the 3D space with colours only able to be collected in the location corresponding the colour mapping system. Therefore people can walk around a mapping system and where colours are.



Refer to sketchbook 2

Scan of the reflection from sketchbook 2